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Frequently Asked Questions

● What are Pumpskynz?

Pumpskynz are silicone gel covers for insulin pumps and glucose monitoring systems.

● Where in the world are you?

We are based in the Republic of Ireland, on a farm in the beautiful North West.

● Can my cover be recycled?

Silicone can be recycled many times at appropriate facilities. It is eco-friendly, highly durable and more ocean-friendly than plastic.

● How do I activate my Pumpskynz Gloskynz?

The covers will glow-in-the-dark after being exposed to a light source, the brighter, the better. Even daylight will give your cover some glow power but artificial light, such as shining your phone torch on it, will make it even brighter.

● How long will my Pumpskynz Gloskynz glow for?

The longer you expose the cover to a light source, the longer it will glow. With even a few seconds of being exposed to light the cover will glow through the night although it will decrease in luminescence.

● Are these the only colours you make?

No way, as we speak we’re busy working on extending our range. Keep an eye on our social media for updates about new arrivals?

● Do you make covers for other diabetic medical devices?

Yes, sign up to receive email updates on our full range of covers which have been slightly delayed due to ‘COVID-19’.

● Do you make products on behalf of the device manufacturers?

No, we are not affiliated to the device manufacturers but recognise the enormous contribution they all make to helping people with T1D stay healthy.

● Can I make a suggestion?

Please, go ahead - we would love to hear what ideas you have so we can help make them a reality.

● How can I get in touch?

Be social with us on: Facebook - Pumpskynz
Instagram - Pumpskynz
Twitter @Pumpskynz
Via e-mail say hello@pumpskynz.com Or contact support@pumpskynz.com